Hi, I’m Kristen.

By age 24, I founded and sold my first online clothing store, landed a spot on national TV, and published a book.

Can I tell you how I did it?

As a personal branding coach, I quickly realized, gone are the days of “if I just write one blog post a week, I’m good.” To build a footprint the size of Sasquatch, you must do more. You can’t have an average presence online. If you’re ready to brand yourself, you must commit. Everything I discuss will help maximize that online reputation. P.S. If you hire me as a coach, you get an extra special set of personalized goodies. Before we dive right in, I want to remind you of my one nonnegotiable. If you’re going to venture through my courses, possibly book a few one on one coaching sessions, and brand yourself a digital rockstar, you need to respect this rule. Treat your brand like your baby.