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Ready for a second chance?

You only need 3 things to turn your life around.

Rockstar Idea

You're one aha moment away from building a better life for yourself.

Do or Die Action Plan

Strategy makes the world go round. Be a woman with a foolproof plan.

Major Moxie

Confidence and charisma are the sugar and spice to starting an online business.

Free Cheat Sheet

79 Tools That Increased My Income by
300% in Less Than One Year

My name is Kristen. I’m a digital marketing obsessive and branding coach.  

As a branding coach I quickly realized, gone are the days of “if I just write one blog post a week, I’m good.” To build a footprint the size of Sasquatch, you must do more. You can’t have an average presence online. If you’re ready to brand yourself, you gotta commit. Treat your brand like your baby.