Personal Branding Best Practices | Brand Yourself | Kristen Vanstrom
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Branding Best Practices

In every industry, there’s a list of best practices you must follow. Branding is no different. As a branding coach I’ve experienced the highs of following these recommendations, as well as the lows of ignoring them. So why don’t you skip all of the beginner faux pas, and instead master these personal branding best practices? #Leggo.


Don’t attempt to fool the masses.

No matter how good you are at deceiving your family and friends; you can’t fool the general public. If I’m a staunch Republican at heart, but try to convince the internet world I’m a pot smoking hippie, they won’t buy it. Besides, this type of inauthenticity is difficult to maintain. Eventually, you will tire of keeping up a false presentation.


Stay consistent with your brand message.

What’s your overarching theme? When people engage with your content, what impression do you want to give? Before busting your butt in a content creating fury, marinate on these questions. Knowing who you are and what you represent will help you stay consistent in your brand message. What does this do? Builds authenticity. Your community will trust you. Trust then builds loyalty, and with a loyal following, anything is possible.


Master 2-3 social platforms.

Although you might feel like a digital superhero, there’s only so much time in the day. If you think you can consistently post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+, and so on … you’re highly mistaken. Ask yourself, “Where are my people?” No, I’m not necessarily talking race or religion here. Picture your ideal avatar. Narrow in one that one person. What social media platforms are they obsessed with? That’s where you want to be.


These guidelines help you brand yourself with authority. But, if you want to build a business that lasts; I’m talking for the next 10+ years, you have to master these branding best practices.