Brand yourself Famous

Goal: Brand yourself with authority.

Want to know how I got cast on a FOX television show as a business expert, grew my social following to 30k+, and got invited to write for

If you aren’t using your name to own the internet, you’re doing it wrong. When people Google your name, what do you want them to see? If you want to conquer the digital atmosphere, you must set goals. It’s your legacy. The content we create online, it could be around for decades to come. Don’t damage your brand reputation by only putting in a half effort. Instead, maximize your authority with content that screams “expert.” Build an evergreen brand. Focus on providing value. Tattoo your name into the brains of all who digest your work.

Not a business person, digital marketing guru, or internet nerd? Doesn’t matter. You should still brand yourself with a specific passion and purpose. Here’s a sneak preview of my branding formula.

Step #1: Brand yourself with a unique persona.

Tell people what to think of you. With branding, you control the masses, instead of letting them control you.  It’s about viewing yourself from a third party perspective. What should people think of when they hear your name? Before you decide on who you want to be, you need to know who you are and how the world currently sees you. It might seem scary, but if you want to brand yourself in an honest and effective way, this is a necessary step.

Step #2: Master the art of storytelling.

Sit down, and think about your favorite childhood memory. If I was sitting in front of you right now, let’s say at a cafe, how would you tell me about this memory? Would you quickly say, “I loved the Christmas of 1993.” No, probably not. Instead, you’d expand. You’d tell me why that Christmas was one of your favorites. You’d set the scene, and describe every last detail. I’d be able to smell your mom’s homemade bread. taste the eggnog, feel the pine needles on your tree … you get the idea. When branding yourself, the self evaluation is one of my favorite parts. Don’t rush the story. Don’t hold back. When you master the art of storytelling, you can build an evergreen brand. Draw your listeners in with details, anecdotes, and relatable narratives.

Step #3: Grow a community.

The best brands have a cult following. Think of Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters. I could only dream of building a brand one quarter as powerful. Remember this: your digital footprint can be rock solid, but if you don’t have a community of people ready and willing to engage; you’re wasting time. Stay consistent. Don’t maintain a daily posting schedule for 30 days straight, then disappear for two weeks. Train your audience. Teach them to expect your messages. Abide by 2-3 different content themes. You can’t be an expert on 120+ different topics. Track your reach, engagement, demographics, and more. Above all, be unapologetically you. You can’t fool people. If you brand yourself outside the scope of you, people sense it.

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